About Us

Avestée Women’s Imaging Centers are are dedicated to providing state of the art imaging, expert radiologic interpretation in a beautiful relaxed setting.

At every turn, our patients know they are our number one priority. From the convenient location, heated gowns and personal dressing rooms to the knowledgeable licensed staff, latest imaging equipment and expert caring radiologists, our patients know they are receiving the best of everything at one location.  

At Avestée, every patient is offered a 2D/3D combo mode mammogram which has been shown repeatedly in clinical trials to improve accuracy in detection of  invasive breast cancers over traditional 2D mammography alone. It is part of our commitment to providing the best available technology to all of our patients.  

In addition to the latest technology, it is important to know the radiologist reading your study is highly trained and dedicated to breast imaging. In many centers across the nation, the radiologist reading your mammogram may be reading not just mammography but all other types of X-rays.

It is important to know that all mammograms obtained at Avestée are read at Avestée by radiologists that have dedicated their practice to Women’s Imaging. 



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